17 Mei 2011

Story About How Students Comunicates With His Parents

Hi i am Sulaiman. i am student at state islamic university of riau. i do not live with my parents. they live ini my hometown, Sedanau Natuna. It's Very far from pekanbaru. i send a letter to my parents every month to let them know about my study and my activities here in pekanbaru.

I also ask about their health, my brothers and sisters in my letter. Usually, it takes about one month to receive a response from them. I can also telephone them. But i seldom do that because it's very expensive.

Actually, I want to contact them by e-mail because it's quicker and not too expensive. i have already had my e-mail address. its s_ahmad@yahoo.com. However, i can't send them e-mail because there is no internet accses in Sedanau.

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